Marathon Couples’ Therapy has become one of the most popular and successful approaches to helping couples through a relationship crisis.  It is an approach that we would recommend for any couple presenting with significant relationship distress.

Marathon Couples' Therapy is a specific type of therapy that is short-term and intensive. Its purpose is to move couples quickly through your current crisis or specific perpetual issue. It is not meant as an on-going, long-term time commitment.   The process consists of 2 consecutive days of intense, structured, evidence-based couples’ therapy.

Estimated Cost (depending on your needs, excluding assessment phase)


Watch this video by Natalie Turvey where she explains more about the Couples Marathon Weekends...

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The couples marathon weekends uses a 3 phase approach:

Phase 1 - The Assessment Phase

Prior to your Marathon, we will email you and your partner a number of questionnaires for each of you to complete.  Sometimes these can feel onerous to complete but, these questionnaires help your therapist to understand both your individual histories and the history of your relationship as well as some of the main issues that have developed over time and bring you to couples counselling now.  It also helps us fast-track your therapy.  The more detail you include in these questionnaires the better I will be able to get to the heart of matters.

Phase 2 - The Treatment Phase

This is what we do during your two days.  From your assessment information, your therapist creates a treatment plan which you will talk about during the first hour to ensure you all share the same goals, and also so you clearly understand the process.  After that you will begin working on your most problematic concerns.  Your therapist’s role is to assist you and your partner to have constructive conversations so that you can reach greater understanding and a closer more connected relationship.  The focus will be both on addressing issues and on assisting you to develop better skills for managing your relationship - to become ‘Masters' of your relationship.

Phase 3 - The Relapse Prevention Phase

Approximately two weeks after your Marathon, your therapist will check in via email to see how you are managing.  They will continue to check in for around 6 months to ensure you stay on track and that your relationship continues to get stronger and healthier.  During that time if we identify any issues for additional work, we may recommend a range of options that might include:

- BOOSTER sessions in person or via web conferencing to keep you on track
- Assisting you to find a suitably trained therapist in your local area with whom your therapist can liaise to assist in ongoing treatment
- Recommending additional resources such as books, videos, podcasts etc
- Other support options.

Upcoming Dates 2022-23

NOV 2022: 11th (Initial assessment) + 12th - 13th (Marathon weekend)
DEC 2022: 16th (Initial assessment) + 17th - 18th (Marathon weekend)
JAN 2023: 13th (Initial assessment) + 14th - 15th (Marathon weekend)
JAN 2023: 26th (Initial assessment) + 27th - 28th (Marathon weekend)
FEB 2023: 10th (Initial assessment) + 11th - 12th (Marathon weekend)
MAR 2023: 24th (Initial assessment) + 25th - 16th (Marathon weekend)
APR 2023: 21th (Initial assessment) + 22nd - 23rd (Marathon weekend)

MAY 2023: 26th (Initial assessment) + 27th - 28th (Marathon weekend)

The couples marathon weekends will help you to:

- Expert advice for conquering your nerves and stepping onto the stage with confidence.

- Strengthen your friendship.

- Ignite interest in intimacy and eroticism.

- Deep dive into why and where some of your gridlock fights are coming from so to gain a deeper understanding of each other.

- Realign with your values and shared purpose.

Who is Natalie Turvey?

Natalie is the Principal Psychologist, and Director of Drop Of Life Psychology Clinic plus the international author of ‘Unbreakable Relationships for Self, Lovers and Others’ and the online portal 'Nat - Nurturing Healthier Relationships'.  She has over 20 years’ experience working with the human condition. She absolutely love's working with couples and guides them gain the tools to feel heard, seen and confident that their partner will be there for them when they need them.

Natalie uses the evidence-based Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is the Gold standard for couples therapy with over 40 years of research to inform the process. This simply means that it has been clinically tested over and over as a successful approach to helping couples manage conflict, restore friendship, connection and start working together again for a shared future together

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